Pitfalls to Avoid During Pool Construction

As your go-to swimming pool contractor in Utah, we at Dolphin Pools & Spas have seen every possible variation of pool. We know all the key factors that go into getting you the perfect custom pool, and we’ll provide our services at affordable rates.

All our expertise comes with a lot of knowledge about the right things to do during pool construction, but it also comes with knowledge about what not to do – and this can be even more important, in some situations. Let’s take a look at common pool construction pitfalls to avoid.

Poor Location

It’s common for people to simply place the pool near the house, in close enough proximity that it can be seen from inside the door. This may work in some situations, but too many people make this decision automatically without considering alternatives. In many cases, placing a pool to the side or near the property line allows for much greater use of the entire yard. Bad location can create unusable spaces and sacrifice other enjoyment from the yard.

Entertainment Space

Remember that while your pool offers exercise and fun options within it, those aren’t the only purposes for it. The pool can help accommodate activities like lounging, parties and plenty of others. Unless you truly only plan to use yours to swim and nothing else, think in advance about the other uses you have for the pool, and make sure they’re considered before construction begins.

Too Much Stuff

Down similar lines, cluttering up the pool area too much makes this sort of enjoyment tough to come by. A landscape design that allows for a simple, safe transition from indoor to outdoor is recommended, rather than simply a large display of chairs and other items that may or may not have real practical use.

Going Too Cheap

We all want affordable services, and this is what we’ll bring you at Dolphin Pools & Spas. At the same time, trying to be too well-budgeted for pool construction can put you in trouble. The only thing worse than spending 5 percent over your limit is spending 10 percent under your budget – still a large sum, but for a product that’s missing vital elements you wanted. In many cases, you’ll still end up spending more than the “cheaper” amount you had hoped for just to get things the way you want. Frugal is good, but only to a certain threshold.

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