Health Benefits Associated With Hot Tubs

Many people choose to install a new hot tub and other spa items along with their custom pool, and at Dolphin Pools & Spa, we have you covered on both ends. We’re a licensed Bullfrog Spa dealer, offering unique hot tubs with 90 percent less plumbing involved than many other popular type.

Hot tubs and spa services offer many comfort-related benefits but did you realize they offer several health benefits as well? Here are several health areas that can be positively impacted by soaking in a hot tub.

Improved Sleep

When the body is cold, normal sleeping patterns can be disturbed. When it’s warm, however, people are more likely to fall asleep more quickly and rest through the night. Positive REM sleep has numerous benefits on daily life, from mood to the way food metabolizes. A few minutes in the hot tub before bed can go a long way to improving sleep.

Chronic Pain

Whether it’s arthritis, tension headaches, migraines or any other form of chronic pain, soaking in warm water can have a major effect. The buoyancy created by the jets can bring a sense of weightlessness, which helps relax muscles along with increasing blood circulation due to heat. For people with joint or movement pain, this can be a major help.

For headache sufferers, relief can be very tough to find. There’s evidence, however, that regular dips in a hot tub can help prevent certain kinds of headaches, and lower severity in those that remain. Tension is a common trigger of headaches, and stress reduction through soaking can help reduce these.

Stress and Anxiety

As we noted, streams of water plus feelings of weightlessness can heavily reduce stress. Studies have proven that real stress and anxiety reduction can be found through repeated visits to the hot tub.

Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

For people with Type 2 diabetes, time in the hot tub may actually lower blood sugar levels – the hot temperatures stimulate certain effects of physical exercise. In addition, the heat causes the heart to work harder and faster – the increased blood flow produces more oxygen, which helps revitalize cells. This could lead to an initial rise in blood pressure, but over time, the cells will dilate and lead to decreased resistance against the heart, and lowered blood pressure.


Stress and anxiety are some of the leading causes of premature aging, and reducing these with the help of a hot tub can limit these aging concerns. In addition, increased circulation in the tub means the blood is delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin more efficiently, which will lead to younger and healthy looking skin.

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