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Swimming pools are perhaps one of the most attractive features of a yard. As your garden’s centerpiece, it deserves thorough, systematic care to keep it in top condition; yet sometimes cracks, loose tiles, or poor water quality can creep in when you do not expect it. To rectify the situation, you will need cleaning and repairs.

Dolphin Pools & Spas offers professional swimming pool repair in Salt Lake City. We offer a number of services, ranging from minor repairs to complete overhauls of your pool maintenance systems.

We Offer Pool Repair Solutions

In addition to designing and building the most beautiful custom pools and spas we also repair, replace, remodel, and perform weekly service on our pools and spas. We are licensed and insured and staffed with pool maintenance experts ready to keep your pool stunning, safe and swim ready. What sets us apart from other pool service companies is our years of experience, technical expertise, our commitment to quality products, and customer satisfaction. We provide weekly pool maintenance services throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding area.

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Repairs and Replacements

Staining, loose tiles, and other problems are more than just an aesthetic problem. They affect both the safety and the functionality of your pool. Your pool may end up leaking, quickly losing water as time passes and flooding the surrounding areas. Loose tiles may also cut or scratch, which is why they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Our team can handle everything from repairing minor cracks to complete restoration and replacement.

Water Quality

Is there foam, discoloration, or growths lining the sides and bottom of your pool? Our team at Dolphin Pools & Spas can clean your pool and balance its chemical levels. We are well-versed in maintaining the water quality of your pool so that it is always ready for a dip.

To maintain the quality of your water and to prevent issues in the future, we offer chemical systems as well as automated pool features, such as covers and filtration systems. Our full-service maintenance packages keep your pool clean and free of debris and algae.

See how our years or experience, commitment to quality and focus on customer satisfaction make our service department the best choice for your pool care needs.