Customized In-Ground and Portable Hot Tub Solutions.

Dolphin Pools & Spas is the place to go if you want a personalized and custom tailored Hot Tub experience. We design and build fully customizable spas and above-ground hot tubs so that you can maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Create a hot tub that is all your own, matching your individual taste and lifestyle.

We create spas that perfectly complement your pool, or are fully separate, free-standing structures. Lets discuss your Hot Tub needs today.

Design Your Own Bullfrog Spa

Bullfrog Spas® offers a complete selection of premium portable spas and hot tubs in all sizes, layouts, color combinations and styles to suit every need. You’ll find hot tubs and spas for every lifestyle and budget.

Spas are wonderful for improving the blood flow and circulation in your skin, giving you a flushed, healthy glow. It is the ultimate in relaxation, promoting a wellness in both mind and body.

Custom Built to Last

Bullfrog Spas are elegantly designed, classically inspired, simple, and clean.

Bullfrog Spas are built to last a lifetime, eliminating materials that rust and corrode and reducing plumbing by up to 90%.

Improve your backyard and home with a spa designed specifically for your style.

Our Work