About Us

Your Source for Spas and Pools in Salt Lake City

At Dolphin Pools and Spas, our family has been serving customers along the Wasatch Front since 1953. Our current owner, Jeff Ludlow, continues the tradition his grandfather started when he founded the company. For three generations, the company has been family-owned and –operated.

Dolphin Pool History

Dolphin Pools is a family owned, three generation business that started with Ted Ludlow to Don Ludlow and now Jeff Ludlow. For over 55 years Dolphin has always prided itself in being the premier pool builder by constructing the finest most trouble-free pools possible and we will continue into the future. We believe that we can attribute the success of Dolphin Pools to our loyal, faithful and dedicated employees who have put quality and reputation high on their list of priorities.

Relationship Between Dolphin Pools and Bullfrog Spas

The technology behind Bullfrog Spas originated at Dolphin Pools. The founding members of Bullfrog Spas are the Ludlow family who run Dolphin Pools and Bullfrog Spas today. In the 20 years since Bullfrog Spas began, they have grown to become the 4th largest spa manufacturer world due to their unique patented technology.

Our Experience

Dolphin Pools is one of the oldest pool supply companies in the state. We have built over 1,000 pools and sold over 2,000 spas in Salt Lake City, UT and throughout Wasatch County. Our products meet the unique needs of Utah residents. We provide pools and spas of the highest quality so our customers feel satisfied.

Quality in-house technicians perform all our work. The majority of our employees have been with the company for 10 years or more.

Comprehensive Products and Services

At Dolphin Pools, we build custom pools that last a lifetime. Whether you want a bullfrog spa, an attached hot tub, or a recessed pool, we have the products that work for you.

We keep up with industry trends, like environmentally friendly materials and automatic chemical distribution and light systems. Our customers enjoy the advantage of our experience and industry know-how.

Our Team

Jeff Ludlow


Jeff started in the family business working summers at the age of 14. He then started working full time in 1985. In 2008 he became the president of Dolphin Pools & Spas. He loves working with customers to design a pool that will ‘wow’ their family and friends. He takes great pride in seeing a family use and enjoy a pool built and designed by Dolphin Pools. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and favorite past times include sports, the outdoors, & vacationing.

Jeff Robinson

Sales Manager

Jeff began his career at Dolphin Pools & Spas in 2002, but got his start in the pool and spa industry in 1978 here in Salt Lake City. He performs a variety of tasks but his greatest days are spent working with clients to develop their dream yard. He is an expert at water chemistry and pool service so he is constantly helping clients maintain a crystal-clear, healthy pool. Outside of work he enjoys a little down time here and there and taking his grandkids out for snow cones. When asked what he likes most about what he does, Jeff says “Dolphin Pools has long been the industry leader in this market in terms of quality and cutting edge technology. I am a very lucky guy to work with the incredible team here at Dolphin”.

Drew Wheat

Retail Manager

Drew has been with Dolphin Pools & Spas since 2007. Drew works with our staff to ensure that every customer has a great experience. He enjoys learning about the latest trends and technologies in the pool building industry. Outside of work he loves spending time with his family and tries to get into the great outdoors every chance he gets.

Justin McMahon

Construction Manager

Justin began working at Dolphin Pools in 1997 at the age of 18. He enjoys working with customers to ensure that their pool is built to the highest quality. He has completed multiple training courses including Pentair pool equipment and BioGuard H2O Know chemical courses as well as earning his C.P.O. certification. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with friends and family and playing softball.

Chris McNeeley

Service Manager

Chris has worked at Dolphin Pools since the summer of 1993. As the service manager at Dolphin Pools and Spas he oversees pool repairs and maintenance. He also helps organize schedules, troubleshoot problems and ensure our customer’s pools are ready to enjoy. He enjoys getting out in the field and spending time outside. One of Chris’ favorite aspects of what he does is taking a lifeless pool and making it into a pool a family can enjoy again. When not at work, Chris enjoys spending time with family, traveling to new places, experiencing the great outdoors of Utah, biking and skiing with his two sons, seeing movies, and gaming.

Karen Carter

Spa Sales

Karen has been with Dolphin Pools & Spas since 2017. She heads up the spa department and coordinates all production and delivery. She finds great enjoyment in helping customers make their dream spa a reality. When not at work she loves spending time with family, cycling and travel.

Contact Us

For more information about spas and pools in Salt Lake City, call our offices at 801.277.8700 at any time—we offer emergency service all hours of the night. Our friendly office staff look forward to hearing from you. We know you’ll love our top-grade customer service.