Signs of Potential Pool Issues

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re here to provide both installation and, more importantly for many people, repairs for your custom swimming pool. Our professionals are prepared to handle everything from cracking tiles to broken heaters or leaking skimmers.

What are some signs that your pool might be in need of repair? Some can come from faulty pool construction from less reputable vendors, where others can come from natural wear and tear. Let’s take a look at four basic issues.

Growing Trees

Large trees and foliage around a pool can put a lot of stress on the pool, and this is one of these potential design flaws we’re talking about. Leaves and other debris will require filters be broken down and cleaned more often, as will cartridges. The filter has to work extra hard because of all those leaves, which decreases the life span. In addition, debris can clog impellers, and this will require professional service to correct.

Constantly Adding Water

If you notice that you’re constantly having to add water to the pool, especially during cooler months, this is a sign of a leak. More and more fresh water being added to the pool will dilute needed chemicals, and can create a need for extra stabilizer and chemicals. Leaks could be in the walls or the drainage system, in some cases.

Capped Main Drain

Some pool technicians take the lazy route to a leak or other issue, and simply cap off the main drain without considering the impact. Some other pools were simply designed without a main drain. With no main drain, a pool is operating at half its potential capacity – circulation is low, and pool water is filtering too slowly to keep it clean. Our professionals can set up a vacuum system for your pool if no main drain was installed originally, or we can uncap the drain if it’s been capped.

Equipment Too Small

Pumps and filters come in varying sizes and for varying needs, but if these were installed with parts that are too small, it could lead to issues. A small cartridge filter matched with a large pool, for instance, won’t allow the pool to clean itself the right way, and will make maintenance much tougher. You’ll also have to replace these items more often.

Want to learn more about any items of swimming pool repair, or find out about our custom pool solutions? Contact the pros at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.