options hot tub water care

There are just a few important care themes that should be observed for any hot tub you own, and one of these is simple care of the water being used. From removing contaminants to ensuring water is clear and healthy at all times, there are a few basic water care elements you’ll want to keep an eye on — and a few different formats you may observe here, as well.

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re happy to serve as a top factory direct dealer of Bullfrog Spas in Utah, providing these and other industry-leading hot tub options to all clients. In addition, we regularly assist clients with basic themes like how to care for every part of their hot tub, including simple water maintenance. What are the most common approaches you can take to ensuring high water quality, and which is best for your needs? Here’s a basic primer.

Manual Hot Tub Water Care

By far the most common form of hot tub water care, and one that’s simple, straightforward and inexpensive, involves manually adding approved sanitizer and other chemicals to the water on a regular basis. This is the most common form of care for smaller hot tubs that are used infrequently, and it doesn’t require any additional equipment outside of what you already use for basic pool maintenance.

If you’re going this route, be sure you’re purchasing approved hot tub chemicals from a trusted provider, and that you’re using them as directed. You’ll also want to test the water regularly to ensure it’s properly balanced, which you can do with basic test strips (again, available from your local pool or hot tub retailer).

Ozone — MPS and Silver Ions

An innovation over the last couple decades that many hot tub owners prefer is the use of ozone with MPS and silver ions. Ozone and MPS act as powerful oxidizers, and silver ions replace the need for chlorine or bromine altogether. This system is fully automated, and it helps keep your hot tub water cleaner and clearer for longer periods of time with fewer manual additions.

If you choose this system, it will be installed as part of your hot tub purchase, and you’ll need to maintain basic chemical levels to ensure proper function. Ozone generators are also available as an after-market purchase if you have an older hot tub you’d like to upgrade.

Saltwater Hot Tubs

Another version of hot tub water care, and one that’s becoming increasingly popular, is the saltwater system. This is similar in many ways to the ozone/MPS/silver ion system, but it uses salt instead of ozone to produce chlorine. The result is softer, more comfortable water that’s easier on your skin, hair and swimsuits — and it often eliminates the need for other manual additions, as well.

Both these automatic systems will be a bit more costly than manual water care, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for their ease of use and long-term benefits.

No matter which system you choose for your hot tub, though, the basics are always the same: Test the water regularly, add sanitizer as needed and be sure to empty and refill the tub every 3-4 months (or as directed by your manufacturer).

For more on how to go about caring for the water in your hot tub, or to learn about any of our spa or swimming pool services throughout Utah, speak to the team at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.