Selecting Essential Pool Products

A home swimming pool is the perfect choice for homeowners with a variety of interests. Some homeowners choose Dolphin-Pools for fitness, rehabilitation, or relaxation. Others want to give their family something exciting and fun. The value added by a brand new swimming pool is appealing to other homeowners. There are several important products that homeowners should purchase as soon as they have finalized their decision to install a swimming pool. These items will make it possible to conduct basic cleaning and water testing services at home on a schedule that suits your personal needs. This is a great way to ensure that your pool is always ready to deliver exactly the experience you want. You can count on us to offer a wide selection of essential pool products and useful accessories.

Chemicals and Pool Additives

Some of the most important of all essential pool products are the chemicals and additives you will use to ensure that the water inside a swimming pool is kept clean and ready to use. These additives achieve many different purposes, including:

  • Preventing growth of algae and harmful bacteria
  • Preventing the breakdown of pool components and chemical additives
  • Achieving an optimal pH balance

Each of these goals are an important part of pool maintenance. Algae growth can contaminate water and has the potential to clog or damage filters, pumps, and other pieces of equipment. Harmful bacteria can cause infections in swimmers; people whose immune systems are weak or compromised should be especially cautious about preventing the growth of these microorganisms.

Some additives, such as chlorine, will gradually break down in the presence of solar radiation. This means that their effectiveness will decrease over time. Other products can be used to help slow this process. Finally, the pH balance of water is part of what delivers a comfortable swimming experience.

Purchasing these and other essential items is easy. Dolphin-Pools supplies many of them so you can always have on hand exactly what you need.