cleaning swimming pool

When you put a new pool in your backyard, you want it to stay sparkly clean without all the hassle. Fortunately, the process doesn’t have to be as complicated as many pool owners seem to think. While regular pool maintenance from a professional company is vital to the longevity of your pool, there are things you can do on your own to keep your pool in great shape.

Clean Baskets and Remove Debris

Every few days, clean out your strainer baskets and skim your hand over the top of the pool to remove any debris that has collected. Use a net with a long handle to remove any leaves, bugs or other unwanted debris that has collected over time. Shake out the strainer basket and spray it with a hose to remove any unwanted items.

Regular Pool Vacuuming

You vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, but did you know that your pool requires regular vacuuming as well? This reduces the amount of chemicals you must add and keeps the water clear. After vacuuming, brush the tile and walls in order to remove calcium deposits and algae build-up.

Maintain Your Water Level

Normal wear and tear and evaporation during the swimming season can mean that you lose quite a bit of water. Check your water level every week when you remove debris and clean out your strainer baskets. Don’t ever let the water level get below the skimmer in order to avoid pump damage. If you do notice that your water levels are low, simply use the garden hose to increase the water.

Regularly Repair Leaks

While water loss from evaporation is expected, loss from leaks is not. Have your pool checked regularly for leaks in order to fix them quickly and avoid serious problems in the future.

Keep it Simple

Pools are our specialty, and maintaining them is something we love to do. Give us a call at Dolphin Pools if you are thinking about building a pool or need something fixed with your current one.