This Year’s Must-Have Pool Accessories

No matter how you want to use your private backyard swimming pool, the right toys and accessories can really enhance the experience. People interested in swimming laps will enjoy having floating markers and lane barriers. Pools used for therapy and rehabilitation become even more enjoyable with the addition of high-quality kickboards and other buoyant items, and of course, any pool used for family recreation will need plenty of inflatable toys. Here are some of the hottest accessories this year.

Fun and Games

Perhaps the most exciting of all pool accessories are the novelty items and other things designed simply for fun. These are some of the most popular items on the market today:

  • Inflatable dolphins, whales, and other sea animals; look for models with handles
  • Inflatable pool chairs and lounges, especially with built-in cup holders
  • Floating basketball hoops
  • Standard vinyl bouncing balls of various sizes
  • Multi-colored beach balls
  • Water wings and colorful inflatable rings for children

These are items that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Inflatable goods are especially convenient because they can be deflated, rolled, and easily stored when not in use.

Exercise and Fitness

Everyone loves the idea of a floating lounge chair, but if you like using your pool for fitness, then you may want to shop for other things. Floating rings can be used as targets for swimming; weighted rods are fun to use as retrieval items when diving. Older children being taught to swim enjoy using these things to practice their skills, too.

High-quality foam rubber kickboards can require a little more initial investment, but for people who anticipate using their pool for fitness, this single item is worth having. This is great for building strength and endurance at a gradual pace; people of all skill levels can easily use a floating kickboard.

Everything You Need

This year, pick up a few new pool accessories. Remember, you can always count on Dolphin Pools to supply services and products like algae prevention gel and other cleaning agents.