Having a spa (sometimes called a hot tub) is one of the ultimate luxuries for your home—an escape right in your own backyard where you can relax and have fun. There are a lot of spas out there to choose from, but when you are ready to purchase, there is really only one brand that you can trust for quality, innovation, and reliability: Bullfrog Spas. Here are some of the reasons they are the first choice for many spa owners.


When you invest in a spa, you don’t want one that might last for a couple of seasons before it needs repairs or to be replaced. You want a long-lasting investment that will provide relaxation and fun for years to come. Bullfrog Spas are some of the top in the industry for reliability, so you can spend less time calling a pool repairman and more time in your spa.

Quality Construction

Bullfrog Spas are constructed without the use of wood or metal in the support structure, which means that none of the materials are going to be susceptible to warping, rotting, rusting, or corroding over time.

Aesthetically Appealing

Nobody wants to add an eyesore to their backyard, and Bullfrog Spas offer homeowners in Utah the ability to get a quality brand that will add to the style and beauty of your home instead of detracting from it. Choose from beautiful colors and styles for the shell and cabinet, including synthetic cabinets designed to mimic the appearance of wood without drawbacks like cracking or fading.


The JetPaks in a Bullfrog Spa are almost reason enough to purchase this brand, offering spa owners the ultimate massage in any seat in the spa. They are completely customizable to provide relaxation, stress relief, pain relief for aches and pains, deep soothing massage, and even targeted therapies for your back, neck, and more. Plus JetPaks are interchangeable, which means you can continue to upgrade your spa at any time to have the latest in jetted massage.


Bullfrog Spas are also a great choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. They are built without fiberglass to avoid releasing pollutants into the air, and contain at least 25 percent recycled material, plus they reduce energy costs by keeping plumbing in the spa water. With such an efficient use of power, you get even more pressure without using any extra energy.

Every Bullfrog Spa that is available for Salt Lake City homes is made in the U.S., and comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty on the shell, as well as 5-year warranties on the JetPaks and electrical parts. Call a pool company today to find out more and get your Bullfrog Spa delivered and installed.