Pool Maintenance

It’s fall time, which means the leaves are falling. As the owner of a custom pool from Dolphin Pools & Spas, this means you have to consider the tools you’re using to clean your pool and keep it free of annoying leaves.

We’re here to help with these concerns, as we are with all maintenance areas for our custom pools. Here are some of the best tools you might consider for keeping the pool clear of leaves.

Skimmer Clip

A skimmer clip is a small, nifty clip that fits into any inground pool ladder handrail. It can be installed in seconds, even by someone who has never seen one before. The purpose of the skimmer clip is to spare the pump the extra energy from decreased water flow due to a leaf-clogged skimmer. It also helps save you time – you don’t have to manually patrol the pool with a leaf rake.

Leaf Catchers

Especially if the pool has big trees in the area, leaves and sticks can cause problems for your pool cover. A simple solution is a leaf catcher, which acts as a protective net over the top of a winter cover. These nets are easy to place and remove, and inexpensive.

Hose Vacuum

This is a pool bottom cleaner that connects to the telescoping pole like a vacuum head, but uses a garden hose instead. The water from the hose blows leaves up into the net as you run it along the water.

Leaf Strainers

Leaf strainers attach to the manual pool vacuum or suction pool cleaner with a short hose, which connects to the skimmer. This basket or bag collects leaves, preventing them from reaching your pool’s plumbing and potentially clogging it. It also stops leaves from collecting in your pump basket, so you don’t have to empty this regularly.

Phosfree Solutions

Another issue many people don’t consider with leaves in the pool is algae, which is spawned by leaves containing phosphates. A natural algae prevention solution like PHOSfree can help, especially for mesh covered pools or any pool with algae issues.

To learn more about tactics for combatting leaves, or for any swimming pool repair or ordering services, speak to the pros at Dolphin Pools and Spas today.