Tips for Opening a Pool in Summer

Summer is coming up on us in a hurry, and that means it’s time to get your money’s worth out of your custom swimming pool. At Dolphin Pools & Spa, our experts will not only help you with installation and any swimming pool repair issues over time, we’ll also help get you ready for the fun each season.

What are some basic things to remember as you’re preparing to open your pool for the summer? Here are a few tips.

Get Help

Opening up the swimming pool can be done alone, but it’s going to be much less of a hassle with two or more – three or four hours could turn into a single hour, or even less. Invite a friend over to help get your pool ready, and maybe offer them an incentive like pool access rights or a free meal.

Preparation Checklist

Before you get started, make sure you have the following items ready:

  • Spring opening kit, including chemicals
  • Telescopic pole
  • Skimmer head
  • Vacuum head
  • Vacuum hose
  • Pool brush
  • Test kit or test strips for water testing

Filter and Pump

Once you’ve taken the cover off, your first step will often be getting the filer system up and running. You may notice green or cloudy coloration to your water – this means it’s badly in need of filtration. Keep the filter running until the pool is clear, and then continue running it between 10 and 12 hours per day after this.

Water Test

If you’ve followed the checklist, you should have test strips or a test kit at the ready. Take a sample of water in a cup, then use the test kit or strips to check pH and chlorine levels. If you want more detail, you can take the sample to a local pool supply store.

Clean the Cover

One big long term mistake people make is forgetting to clean the cover before storing it. You certainly aren’t going to clean it before you put it back on in the winter, and a dirty cover can lead to big filtration issues come the following spring. Use car wash soap and a brush to scrub it down, then let the cover dry fully before you store it to prevent mold and mildew.

For more information on opening the pool each year, or for any of our other pool services, speak to the pros at Dolphin Pools & Spa today.