tips winterizing protecting hot tub

If you do not plan to use your outdoor hot tub or spa during the winter, whether due to its location or simple convenience concerns, it’s vital to take the proper steps toward winterizing it for the season. This is a process that helps protect both the surface and the interior components, including pipes, from the elements during the winter.

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re a proud provider of Bullfrog Spas, helping you with every detail of a new hot tub or spa, including giving you tips for winterization and seasonal care. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over both the basic tools and steps to take for winterization if you haven’t done this already this year, plus some post-winterization tips we can offer in terms of keeping the hot tub or spa in the best shape possible throughout the winter.

Tools and Equipment Needed

For starters, what are the tools and pieces of equipment you need with you to begin winterizing your hot tub? Here’s a basic list:

  • A wet/dry vacuum
  • Several microfiber or cloth towels
  • A hot tub or spa cleaning kit (generally comes with system flush, filter cleaner, gloss polish, surface protectant and possibly other cleaners)
  • Spa antifreeze

Basic Steps

Here are the basic steps to follow to winterize your hot tub:

  • Run a system cleaner in the spa before draining it – this thoroughly cleans the plumbing and avoids bacteria or mold growth. Allow this to circulate with the jets on for a few minutes or even a few hours.
  • Shut off the spa power and disconnect the breaker.
  • Drain the spa completely, generally using its drain valve.
  • Remove the spa filter – if the filter is over a year old, discard it for a new one. If it’s younger than this, clean it and store it in a dry location.
  • If your spa has a blower, use it in 30-second intervals until all water is removed from air lines (you will have to temporarily reconnect the breaker for this).
  • Loosen unions and drain plugs, which allows water to drain from pumps and heaters. Then retighten the plugs (leave unions loose).
  • When the spa is done draining, use your wet vac to remove the water from the lines – any water left over will freeze jets and damage them.
  • Clean the spa shell with a pH balanced cleanser, then rinse all surfaces thoroughly before applying gloss for acrylics.
  • Use the vacuum to remove any water in the foot well or seats, then dry all surfaces using your towels. Include the filter area in this.
  • If you choose to, use antifreeze in the filter and pump discharge areas.
  • Replace and close cabinet panels, then secure them properly with their screws or latches.
  • Finally, clean the top and underside of your hot tub cover with a non-foaming cleaner, then apply a silicone-free protectant that will keep it in good shape throughout the winter.

For more on winterizing your hot tub, or to learn about any of our new pools or spa options, speak to the staff at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.