Time to Close the Pool and Go Back to School

Closing your pool for the winter may not be something you will ever have to worry about if you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate area. For the rest of us kids going back to school and leaves changing color and dropping to the ground might tell us that it is getting near time to close the pool.

Some may consider the closing of the pool to be a winterizing chore, so they will rely on local professional pool services to help. However, if you have the right products there is no reason you cannot do it yourself and have your pool ready to be sparkling in the spring.

There are just a few easy steps to take when closing your pool for the winter.

Clean the Pool

You should start this a few days prior to closing the pool completely if at all possible. Sweep your pool and give it a good brushing,  scrubbing the walls of any dirt and debris as these can cause staining if left in the water. You may also want to let the pump run 24/7 for a few days to over filter the water a bit before shutting it off for a few months.

Balance and Shock

This too should be done a few days prior to closing the pool if possible. That will allow any balancing chemicals and shock mix well.

Let the Water Level Down

If you want to lower the water before adding chemicals in order not to waste any that is fine. Your water should be lowered enough so that the winter cover goes about four inches below the skimmer.

Blow out Pipes

You will need a heavy duty vacuum/blower to do this. Not everyone owns the type of vacuum/blower needed to do this, so this may be one of the steps in the process where you may need to call a pool company for their services.

If you connect your vacuum/blower to the skimmer you can blow out the entire system. Once complete you will want to plug the skimmer and returns with winter plugs.

Cover your Pool

Once you have added the winter chemicals it is time to cover the pool. Make certain the cover you use fits tight so that no debris or bugs can get in during the winter months.

Now your pool will be good and ready to open when spring comes around again!