problems inflatable hot tubs

If you’re looking for the absolute highest quality in a new hot tub or full spa installation in your home, the pros at Dolphin Pools & Spas are here to help. We’re a licensed Bullfrog Spas dealer in Utah, meaning we offer the latest in spa technology that comes with just a fraction of the plumbing of other types despite all the same benefits.

One common question we’re asked by clients is how these products compare to an inflatable hot tub, the type you can generally purchase for a few hundred dollars and install yourself. We don’t sell these products, and while they may work well for some, there are a few reasons why they generally aren’t worth even the often-cheap price you can pay for them. Here are some of these reasons for you to consider as you invest in a hot tub for your home.

No Jets

In many cases, inflatable hot tubs will be marketed with a huge number of jets, often more than 100. These will be called “bubble jets” or something similar, leading the buyer to believe they’re the same as the powerful jets found in our tubs.

Simply put, they aren’t. These are orifices meant for the exhaustion of air, which create bubbles in the water, but these are not anywhere near the same as the massaging jets you can expect from a standard hot tub. On top of this, the blower needed to create these bubbles tends to be loud and annoying.

Size Concerns

Hot tub sizes are always based on the outer dimensions of the tub, but inflatable options are deceptive here due to their wall thickness – usually close to a foot once inflated. An 85” tub meant for six people may sound good, but once it’s inflated, it will be far less space.

Heat, Electricity and Temperature Use

One of the great things about our tubs is how quickly they heat up – you can have warm, comfortable water at the ready virtually instantly. Inflatable options, on the other hand, can only warm water at a rate of 1 degree per hour, meaning it will take literal days to heat up in some cases. Not only this, but your electricity budget will skyrocket if you use this option more than once or twice a month, particularly during cooler months.

In addition, while our hot tubs are great for a quick dip during the winter, inflatable tubs can’t be used this way. Most of these models can’t be used in temperatures below 45 degrees.

Parts and Repair

Local hot tub dealers don’t carry parts for inflatable tubs. This means that repairing or replacing major elements will be very difficult and expensive.

Filter Problems

Finally, most inflatable tubs come with filters that need replacement at least once or twice a month. On the flip side, our hot tubs come with filters that last for at least a year. This is a major difference in both expense and hassle undertaken by you as an owner.

For more on why inflatable hot tubs are generally best avoided, or to learn about any of our hot tubs or new pool solutions, contact the pros at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.