swimming pool safety equipment

When it comes to designing and installing a new swimming pool for your property, safety will always be a top concern. Especially if there are children expected to regularly be present, but even if not, there are several safety themes to consider for a pool, ranging from safety equipment to major safety features and signage.

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re proud to offer not only a huge selection of custom pools and pool design themes, but also a variety of pool supplies and equipment, including those for safety purposes. For any pool we’re helping you design and install, we’ll ensure you’re paying close enough attention to vital safety considerations for the area and your property. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over everything you need to know about pool safety and related equipment or themes.

Fences, Gates and Boundaries

Both for public property and many forms of private property, fencing and boundaries will be important factors for the pool – not just for marking and property lines, but also for safety. To be considered a safety fence, the fence must not only provide a barrier, but also self-closing and self-locking mechanisms to prevent young children or those without access from entering. In addition, your local area may require you to meet certain fence height requirements for certain pool types.

In other situations, a shorter pool safety gate will be acceptable as long as it has those same self-locking and self-closing mechanisms. These are effective for protecting the area from small children or pets, but are not as effective for adults or other safety needs.

Safety Cover

For pool offseason periods, such as the winter we’re approaching, a cover is always needed – and specific safety covers are the way to go for many pool owners. These are items that provide specific protection against falling in the pool – they’re anchored to the patio every few feet, leaving no room for a child or pet to accidentally step through and fall in.

For those who want year-round coverage here, consider the automatic pool cover. This can’t hold quite the same weight as a safety cover, but does protect the pool area for the entire year rather than just offseason.

Safety Net

For pools where children or pets will regularly be present, a pool safety net is a great choice. It has wide loops fastened around the pool, plus comes at a limited cost for those who want to stick to a budget.

Pool Alarm

For those concerned about burglary, vandalism or other related concerns, a pool alarm is another consideration. These are available for both in-ground and above-ground pools, using sensors that monitor the pool area. They are tuned to only respond to significant weight entering the water, not random leaves or debris that might be around the property. These are also very inexpensive compared to many other alarm systems, often costing under $200.

For more on pool safety equipment and planning themes, or to learn about any of our swimming pool or hut tub installation services, speak to the staff at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.