de-winterization outdoor hot tubs

If you own an outdoor hot tub for your home, chances are you and other members of your family are chomping at the bit to get it opened up and back in operation for the spring now that winter is finally wearing down. Some homeowners may have even already begun this process, which includes a few basic areas to ensure your winterization was done properly and no issues have come up with your tub.

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re proud to be a licensed Bullfrog Spa dealer, distributing these incredibly high-quality tubs and components to residents around Utah. Here are some tips we can offer you on de-winterizing your hot tub and preparing it for the busy spring and summer seasons.

Checking for Damage

While this step is interchangeable with our next one in terms of which you do first (do whatever is most convenient), it’s perhaps the single most important one to make sure you perform diligently. Firstly, check all your visible pipe areas, and any you know how to access without damaging any components. You’re looking for any visible cracks or other damage that may impact water flow, as these could have a huge effect on your water usage and monthly bill.

In addition, check wiring and other areas for any rodent bites or signs of their presence, such as droppings. Also look for missing drain plugs you may need to remove, while checking the inside of the tub for basics like the drain covers, jets and lights to ensure they’re all working properly.

Basic Cleaning

This is also a great time to clean the tub for the year ahead, as it will be empty after all. The first important concern here is cleaning materials: For wood tubs we recommend baking soda and a brush inside, while for acrylic tubs we recommend a wet, soft cloth plus potentially specific agents designed to clear up puddles or other winter buildups.

For the outside of the tub, the range of products you can use is a bit wider. Consider linseed oil, a product that’s been used for both cleaning and finishes in the past. Also be sure to clean the hot tub cover while you clean the rest of the tub – the simplest format here is often to clean the rest of the tub first, then clean the cover while you wait for the tub to fill during our next step.

Filling Time

Once the inside of the pool is clean, you can begin filling it with your standard gardening hose. This will generally take at least half an hour, and maybe up to or over an hour depending on your hose speed and the size of your tub. Just be sure to check back in periodically so you don’t accidentally over-fill it and waste water.

pH Balance

Finally, once the tub is filled, you want to ensure that its quality is safe for humans to use. This means balancing the pH levels, plus the balance of calcium and alkalinity. This is a process that’s usually as simple as adding chemicals to reach the proper levels, and our pros are happy to help if you’ve never done this kind of balancing before.

For more on getting your hot tub ready for the spring, or to learn about any of our new hot tubs or swimming pool options, speak to the staff at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.