Pool Supplies

Pool Supplies in Salt Lake City, UT

We have quality pool toys, chemicals, maintenance supplies, & an expert staff. We also do free in-store computerized water testing through Bioguard that will solve any issues you’re having with your pool

Our Services

Pool Design ›

Whether you prefer something small, large, or environmentally friendly, we can build a custom pool to meet your specifications. As expert custom builders, we understand the needs of households.

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Swimming Pool Construction ›

We build the highest quality pools and spas, and you don't need to take our word for it. Ask us for a list of our customers to see what they say about our construction quality.

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Bullfrog Spas ›

Your swimming pool is the centerpiece of your backyard. It’s a constant source of family fun and summertime bliss. So when your pool equipment breaks down or your water turns murky, you need a fast and reliable swimming pool repair service.

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Maintenance & Service ›

Bullfrog spas are deluxe self-contained spas that offer 90% less plumbing than other spas. Bullfrog spas also have one of the most stable designs available, so they keep your spa free of leaks.

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