removing hot tub foam

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re your go-to experts for hot tubs and spas throughout Utah. We’re one of just a handful of authorized Bullfrog Spa dealers in the state, unique self-contained tubs that come with far less plumbing than other types without sacrificing one bit of comfort.

And on top of that, our services don’t stop at installation. Our pros are always happy to offer expertise on several usage areas of your spa or hot tub, particularly if this is your first time owning one. One common use issue some hot tub owners notice depending on how they go about utilizing their spa? Foamy water, which is less a design issue than one created through certain usage patterns. In this blog, we’ll detail the most common causes of foam in your hot tub, plus how you can prevent it in the future with some simple steps.

Low Calcium Hardness

Low calcium is an issue for several areas of the hot tub, not just the potential for foaming water. It can also lead to damage of certain pieces of equipment, plus might lower the surface tension of the water and raise the potential for excessive sudsing.

To avoid this, you should be doing at least a once-weekly test on your hot tub calcium levels. Use Hardness test strips or similar products, which are easy to use and come with simple directions. If you find that your calcium level in the hot tub is low, use one of several hardness increaser products available to supplement things here.

Beauty Product Usage

Another primary cause of foam in your water? The presence of various beauty or self-cleaning products. In some cases, these products are actually used by hot tub owners as part of their hot tub experience. In others, they may be present in the form of residue or leftover products in clothes, skin, hair or other areas.

If you can’t find any other cause of your foam formation, consider whether this might be it. You can purchase a scum digester for your hot tub, which will reduce the foam in your water caused by these products. You can also consider using an oxidizing shock after each use, which will limit foam from forming even if some of these products are present.

pH Level is Off

Water with a pH level that’s too high or too low can cause a wide range of issues, from foam to green coloration and odors. There are good products available for either increasing or decreasing pH levels depending on your needs, as well as products to test these levels without breaking the bank.

For more on how to avoid and remove foam found in your hot tub, or to learn about any of our new swimming pool or spa services, speak to the staff at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.