hot tub jets number type

There are several things you’ll be thinking about when designing a custom personal spa, and one of these is the number of jets that will be present. Modern hot tubs can range from no jets up through a setup where jets are a primary part of the design, and this all depends on your needs, budget and a few related factors.

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re happy to serve as the top provider of Bullfrog Spas and other elite hot tub manufacturers to all our clients. We’ll customize any hot tub features you’re in need of, including those who want plenty of jets in their setup. What impact does your selection in terms of jet numbers and types have on the overall quality and cost of a hot tub? This two-part blog series will go over a number of important considerations to keep in mind.

Number of Jets

A common misconception in the hot tub world that we’re here to correct: The idea that more jets is always better. This simply isn’t always the case — if it were, every hot tub would have twice as many jets as the one before it. The truth is that you’ll need to think about each type of jet and their number, and will want to consider how they’re placed within your spa.

For some, a primary issue in terms of jet number is their water supply. Jets in a hot tub require more water than other features you’ll be placing in your spa, including seats and perhaps relaxation lights. More jets require more water at once, so this can sometimes tie into your overall supply concerns. Some spas will have enough pump or jet power to cope with extra jets; others will not. We recommend approaching these factors comprehensively when making your selection.

Jet Placement

Another vital factor to consider here is where the jets are positioned within your hot tub. You want jets that generally follow the natural outline of your body, and should aim to avoid arranging them in ways that could be potentially uncomfortable or ineffective. Each hot tub will come with planned jet placement, and we’ll work closely with you to create a setup that works perfectly for your needs.

Jet Size and Type

In addition, you’ll want to think about the size and type of the jets you’re using. Generally speaking, there are three primary types of hot tub jets:

  • Rotating jets: These are self-explanatory, with jets that rotate around the interior of your hot tub to create a powerful effect.
  • Pulsating jets: These feature small but unmistakable streams which flow through your spa for an enjoyable sensation at least some users can find uncomfortable.
  • Massaging jets: Jets that feature more intense power and can provide a deeper, muscle-relaxing sensation.

This is not an exhaustive list, to be clear — there are many other options available. These are just some basic examples.

For more on hot tub jet selection and placement, or to learn about any of our Bullfrog Spas or other quality products, speak to the team at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.