hot tub stretching exercise

Those who exercise regularly are often looking for complementary programs or products that assist their workout programs, and one excellent avenue to consider here is your hot tub. While many think of hot tubs only for relaxation themes, they’re also fantastic for areas like stretching, hydrotherapy and even hosting their own set of exercises for those looking to stay fit in diverse ways.

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re proud to be a local Bullfrog Spa dealer, offering these and our high-quality gunite hot tubs to a variety of clients, including those who may look to utilize them for fitness-related purposes. This multi-part blog series will dig into a variety of topics related to this theme – we’ll begin by laying out some of the primary benefits of hot tubs within the fitness realm, then dig into several specific uses of the hot tub you can consider before, during and after exercise sessions.

Focus and Motivation

For starters, many working out regularly are looking for ways to keep themselves focused and motivated – and hot tubs are often a great tool here. They help you slow down and be more aware of your body, with relaxation techniques that have been shown to improve competitive performance in athletes based on limiting distractions of stress and anxiety.

Regular hot tub soaks before and after workouts help center your thoughts and focus them on the tasks at hand. They create a firmer mind-body connection, a valuable area for many athletes.

Improved Circulation

Virtually anyone who participates in regular exercise will be aware of how important blood circulation is during this process, and spas show benefits here as well. Warm water immersion is known to improve circulation through the dilation of blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure in the process. Many use the hot tub as a way of kickstarting their body’s circulation before they work out, often counting it as a big part of their warmup.

Stretching Support

Another vital element of many workouts is stretching, both before and after exercise. It helps decrease injury risk by keeping muscles lengthened and relaxed, which also allows them to recover properly after being used.

Once again, hot tubs are excellent resources here. The buoyancy of the tub removes some of the pressures of gravity from your muscles and joints, plus the warmth of the water allows for deeper stretches. Many even combine their stretches with water jets and other hydrotherapy elements included in their hot tub to get the best possible results within their stretches and other warmup or cooldown activities.

For more on the benefits of hot tubs for exercise and fitness areas, or to learn about any of our hot tubs or custom swimming pools, speak to the staff at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.