health lifestyle impact hot tubs

While many people think about hot tubs and spas in terms of factors like comfort and relaxation, these are really just the tip of the iceberg. Hot tubs can improve numerous areas of life for those who purchase them, including one broad theme: A healthy daily lifestyle.

At Dolphin Pools & Spas, we’re proud to serve as a trusted Bullfrog Spas dealer, providing the highest-quality hot tubs and spas to all our clients. What kind of impact can a new hot tub have on your health and general lifestyle? Here’s a general primer on some of the major factors to consider here.

Habits and Routines

For starters, a generally healthy lifestyle is one that, for many people, involves consistency in habits and daily routines. Everything from quality consistent sleep to common exercise routines, dietary habits and other areas plays a role in your overall health, and many find that the better they stick to daily routines, the healthier they are.

And for those who own a hot tub, this is often an ideal addition to daily routines. Some enjoy a relaxing soak after waking up in the morning, for instance, while others might prefer it as a cool-down after a long day. Infusing the hot tub into your daily routine also improves your enjoyment of parts of this routine, which will keep you dedicated to it.

Fitness Benefits

In particular, many find that adding a hot tub to their fitness regimen is a great use of this space. Namely, hot tubs and spas are fantastic for warm-ups and stretching, plus low-stress aerobics in some cases.

Many also choose to use them as recovery aides, where they’re excellent for soothing painful muscles and other related areas. Many hot tubs even come with jets and massaging features, perfect for helping the body begin the recovery process in a calming environment.

Sleep Quality

Another major health area where hot tubs can have a real impact is sleep. Many individuals, including those who have struggled with sleep in the past, infuse a relaxing hot tub soak into their evening routine, helping them wind down and de-stress before going to bed for the night. Research has shown specific benefits of this behavior, both in terms of falling asleep and the quality of sleep cycles.

Carrot and Stick

Another valuable area a hot tub is often hugely beneficial in: Motivation. Pretty much everyone enjoys a nice session in the hot tub, so many choose to make this the carrot at the end of their stick that motivates them. Whether it’s to finish a workout, get through a tough day at the office or some other kind of need, using the hot tub as the reward is often a great way to stay motivated and on-task.

For more on how hot tubs benefit health and lifestyle areas, or to learn about any of our hot tubs, spas or new swimming pool materials, speak to the staff at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.