pool maintenance

The leaves will be hitting the ground soon, and with fall coming into full swing, it’s time for home swimming pool owners to consider a few important bits of maintenance. At Dolphin Pools & Spa, we’re here to offer tips an assistance for seasonal maintenance with our custom pools.

Whether you have a pool heater that will allow you to operate your pool during the cool months or you’ll be shutting swimming down soon, there are a few things to keep in mind as the weather begins to change. Let’s look at a few important areas here.

Less Chemicals

The pool needs more chemicals in the summer for various reasons, from evaporation to overall use and swimmer load. During the fall, though, this isn’t the case to the same degree – with the temperature lowering and likely fewer bodies in the pool on average, you can lower your amount of chemicals used. You should only have to check pool chemistry about once a week during the fall season, while you should be doing it much more often during the summer.

Pool Skimming

Leaves also begin to fall during this season, and if there are trees anywhere near your pool, this could become an issue. Be sure to skim your pool on a regular basis to get rid of leaves and various other debris in it – leaves can stain the pool if they stay at the bottom for too long.

Pump and Filter

Another benefit of reduced usage of the pool is that you can also reduce your usage of the pump and filter. In most cases, you’ll only have to run these for about four to eight hours per day, or sometimes even less.

Proper Closing

If you’re closing the pool up for the winter, having it closed properly is vital for ensuring a long lifespan for the pool. This is best done by a professional unless you’ve done it before.

If you have any other questions about swimming pool maintenance or repair, or about your options for a new swimming pool, speak to the pros at Dolphin Pools & Spa today.