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As a top creator of custom pools in Utah, we at Dolphin Pools & Spas are happy to customize your pool for a wide variety of needs. Whether it’s small children, regular parties or some other factor, we can give you exactly the custom pool you need.

One factor here that many homeowners don’t consider before beginning pool construction? Pets. We’re mostly talking dogs here, but there are actually some cats that enjoy water as well. Here are a couple important areas to consider if you’re buying a pool with dogs or cats in the home, plus the types of pools that might be best.

Shallow Areas

Pets love a shallow area where they can stand up fully without going underwater. If they want to swim out into deeper water and back, they can. A normal shallow end is likely still too deep here unless you own a particularly large breed of dog – you’ll have to consider a shallower section. Another consideration is a tanning ledge or shelf, which holds 8-12 inches of water and is perfect for smaller pets.

Clear Entry and Exit

In addition, pets need a clear area where they can learn to get in and out of the water safely. If your dog is forced to leap into the deep end to get into the pool, chances are it won’t have as much interest in getting in.

Ideally, the pool should have steps to help the animal walk in – not a ladder. Steps should be wide enough for the pet to walk on, and should be easy to find. Some dogs may initially have trouble figuring out where the steps are, but once they learn the location, they’ll remember it.

Types of Pools

Fiberglass pools are great for pets. Dog claws won’t tear or puncture the gelcoat, and fiberglass is great for protecting joints in a dog. Concrete is also a fine option, as the finish holds up well – though for pets with sensitive joints or claws, concrete can be a bit harsher.

For more on building a pool with your pet in mind, or to find out about any of our custom pools, speak to the pros at Dolphin Pools & Spas today.