3 Cool Features to Incorporate Into Your Custom Pool Design

From better physical health to improved mental clarity, the benefits of swimming have long been claimed, but going to the community pool every day isn’t for everyone. If you have the space, consider designing your own custom pool instead. Not only will you be able to swim any time you want, but you can add extra features that you probably wouldn’t find at the local swimming hole.

Infinity Pools

There’s something beautiful about that line where the ground meets the sky and creates the horizon. You can create this same illusion in your own backyard with infinity pool services and products from Dolphin Pools. The sleek and modern design has visible edges on three sides, but the fourth is made to be invisible, giving your pool the illusion of going on forever. It looks great against any backdrop, but is especially gorgeous if your pool faces the mountains or ocean.

Lounging Ledges

Sometimes you want to enjoy relaxing as the water gently flows over your body, but don’t want to go through the motions of keeping yourself afloat. This is where lounging ledges come in handy. These shallow areas are attached to the rest of your pool but create a comfortable place to sit with a drink, read a book or simply take in the scenery. They also make the perfect area for you to supervise your toddlers as they get used to being in the water.

Complete Outdoor Living

If you want a luxurious pool area, you could turn it into a complete outdoor living space. Add a patio and sturdy furniture for a lounge area and build a fire pit or an entire outdoor kitchen for cooking. If you truly want to go all out, you might consider turning one of your home’s walls into one that can open straight to your patio and create an indoor-outdoor space to use during nice weather.

Whether you decide to go simple or want something that feels larger than life, it doesn’t get much better than being able to swim any time you get the urge. Dolphin Pools & Spas can help you design a pool to fit your needs and budget.